5 steps to perfectly apply your foundation

You are off to a party. You were excited and thrilled until you remember you can’t apply a smooth and non-patchy foundation. Sad is such an understatement for what you’re feeling now. We’ve been there! So, we understand you.

And it’s from our understanding that we took the time to provide this guide for you. With it, you can glow in a masterly-blended foundation without smashing your mirrors. Shall we begin? Below are 5 steps to perfectly apply your foundation.

Create a Good Base

Irrespective of your foundation brand or choice, a dirty and dry face will nullify your efforts. Beauty products tend to set into crevices on your dry face. Don’t allow such!

So, to dazzle and look ravishing, first, remove dirt from your face. Indeed, you washed your face at night. And you’ve even had your morning bath. But you never can tell. The cosmetics from yesterday could still be lurking in the corners of your cheeks. For that reason, clean your face (again) with cleansing water (or a mild face wash) and cotton pads. Have you done that?

Next, get a gentle-layered moisturizer. Gently massage it into your face. Now, wait for 10-15mins for your face to soak in all the tender goodness. You’ve got a good base now! How about your formula? Which are you using?

Choosing the Right Formula for Face

Finding your perfect formula requires work. Don’t fret. We’d narrow it down.

The first (of two) thing to consider is the coverage of your foundation. Would you prefer a sheer or full? Or perhaps somewhere in between? For freckle lovers, use a sheer formula. Mind you, the name tag could be lightweight or hydrating: it’s the same. For a mild or even tone, choose the medium formula. It comes in two names: satin or semi-matte. For a full-blown foundation to cover your blemishes and pigmentation, pick the full-coverage formula (also called matte).

The second factor of a just-fit formula is the shade of your foundation. Unfortunately, there is no trick to get the right shade. You’d have to apply various shades to know which fits. To get the accurate result, test the choice on your face (with a minute foundation) under sunlight.

Up next is where you weave your make-up wand!

Apply, Dab, and Blend your Gorgeous Foundation

Now is the time to get creative! The destiny of your Camelot lies in your fingers! To attain an iridescent beauty, make make-up sponge your Merlin. How about brushes?

The bristles at the end of brushes create unpleasant lines on your face. The worst part is that your fingers can’t correct such errors. So, go for a sponge!

After getting your sponge, dampen it with a little water. Next, dab a small amount of foundation on your cheeks, chin, and forehead. Now, blend away!

Note: do not drag or rub the foundation over your face. Instead, stipple it with a sponge and spread it towards your jaw and hairline.

Conceal and Set Sour Face

Do you know that foundations won’t hide your zits? When that happens, do not be anxious. Instead, get concealer and dab it over the affected areas. Your foundation set, and your zits hid, what next?

Go out? No, not yet.

You still need to make sure your design stay glued to your face. Luckily, setting powder can help. For this step, get a fluffy brush and gentle setting powder. Kindly ensure that you don’t get too much powder on your tool. Next, look out for over-oily areas of your face. A usual culprit is the T-zone. Now, gently spread your powder on those areas.

Arrgh! You applied too much powder!

No worries, you can correct excessive powder with a fixing spray or a face mist. For additionnal practical advice, you can also check out this tutorial on wikihow that explains in video segments how to correctly apply your foundation.

Bask in your gorgeousness

And now you’re done! Your base is perfect with a solid foundation to shine and glow.

At this point, your face might seem odd and flat. Do not worry, that’s how it’s supposed to be at first.

Congratulations beautiful! Take a few selfies and show off your new style!